Cultivar registration


We keep a file containing all cultivar names for witch hazel in our BG-BASE database. We encourage anyone who grows a new cultivar or gives one a name to register it. This is free, and helps to prevent the cultivation of different plants with the same name. The register also contains detailed information about the plant: characteristics, date, grower, name of the person who introduced it, etc.

International Cultivar Registration Authorities (ICRA)

International Cultivar Registration Authorities play a vital role in advancing the uniformity, accuracy, and stability of the naming of cultivated plant varieties. It is a voluntary process that benefits the entire horticultural community. The International Society for Horticultural Science appoints ICRAs via the Commission for Nomenclature and Registration.

Discovered a cultivar?

  1. Check which new qualities your cultivar has in relation to existing varieties.
  2. Ensure that your cultivar has a stable and unchanging character.
  3. Consider making your cultivar available for distribution or cultivation so that the plant is not lost in the future.
Do you want to register a Hamamelis cultivar? Then get in touch with us.